The Michigan attorneys at Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C. are both knowledgeable, creative and trained in the use of alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") methodology as users and providers. One such form of ADR is mediation.

Mediation is a private, voluntary dispute resolution process in which a neutral third party ("Mediator"), acceptable to all parties, assists the parties in identifying issues of mutual concern, developing options for resolving those issues and finding resolutions acceptable to all parties. This process is confidential and private. It is often faster and more economical than litigation and is not limited to the specific issues in litigation or dispute, but instead can result in a resolution that is much broader and wider in its outcome. Mediation is generally voluntary, however current court rules provide courts with the power to mandate mediation. Mediation is nonbinding unless the parties agree to be bound. The lawyers of Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C. have been trained in the mediation process both as Mediators as well as advocates for our clients. By having this unique expertise and experience, our lawyers can effectively navigate the waters of mediation for our clients and, when acting as a neutral Mediator, obtain satisfactory resolutions of the parties' disputes while saving time, expense, and providing the parties with control over their own solutions.

In addition to mediation, other forms of ADR include (i) arbitration, (ii) case evaluation, and (iii) additional alternative dispute resolution processes that are a variation or combination of one or more of the primary ADR alternatives. Each of the ADR processes have advantages and disadvantages. The attorneys at Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C. use their years of knowledge and experience in such ADR techniques in order to assist our clients in determining which, if any, of the ADR alternatives will help resolve their disputes. We believe that ADR saves money and time, is voluntary, is confidential, maintains betters relationships between the parties, allows for creativity, eliminates the artificial and sometimes intimidating formality of the court, improves communication and trust between the parties and keeps the parties in control of their solution. We have been trained to maximize the benefits of ADR for our client base, as well as to deliver ADR services as a provider in a fair, unbiased and effective manner.

Please contact Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C. at 248.258.2700 for additional information and to discuss how alternative dispute resolution may assist you in meeting your specific needs and objectives. Whether you are an attorney or judge seeking an independent mediator or arbitrator for an existing case, or are someone seeking counsel to represent you in connection with a mediation, arbitration or other ADR matter, let the attorneys at Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C. assist you with this process.