Corporate Governance and Shareholder Agreements

The powers and responsibilities of persons in a business - whether business owners, partners or employees - are paramount concerns for every organization and owner. WYR attorneys are able to clearly address these and other important matters in your business's corporate governance documents, such as corporate bylaws, operating and partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and handbooks.

These agreements and bylaws are crucial because they address the roles and powers of the board of directors, officers, managers or partners, their liabilities and rights to reimbursement from the entity, funding obligations, distributions of profits and losses, stakeholder buy-outs and retirement, alternative dispute resolution, and liquidation and sale of the entity. They may also restrict the sale of interests to keep the business partners close-knit or within a family. For corporations, every year, annual minutes should be created to document director and shareholder actions.

WYR has drafted hundreds of corporate governance agreements and can bring those diverse experiences to your business to meet your desires and goals. Every business situation is different, so we strive to open a dialogue concerning corporate governance and its options among owners and business partners. WYR attorneys are skilled in governance and shareholder agreements that meet the needs and achieve the goals of the parties.

These matters are important business decisions that WYR attorneys are skilled in discussing, negotiating, reviewing and drafting for your business. WYR's inspired, practical, and efficient counsel can also help you and your business with: