Executive Compensation and Deferred Compensation

Executive compensation and deferred compensation are essential business planning matters at start-up and maturation to maintain its most important assets, its people. WYR attorneys are experienced in negotiation, drafting, and reviewing executive and deferred compensation agreements and documentation. These agreements must satisfy your objectives and comply with the intricacies of the tax code.

Executive compensation agreements reward your most important officers and employees, including owner-operators. These agreements may provide for any type of consideration one could imagine to help maintain the employer-employee relationship and the employee's motivation to achieve particular goals. Most often, executive compensation is dealt with in the executive's employment agreement, and it may include deferred compensation, stock options, phantom stock and other types of incentive plans.

Deferred compensation can be merely the delayed payment of earned income, the later potential for bonuses for achievement of business objectives, or a traditional 401(k) or pension for any employee. It also includes special "top hat" pension plans for key executives.

Because the tax code largely governs these agreements, the details are of the utmost importance. Periodic review of plans and compensation agreements is also essential to ensure continuing compliance with dynamic tax law and regulations. Also, WYR has defended the compliance of deferred compensation plans, reporting, and funding in litigation and by way of IRS protests.

These matters are important business decisions that WYR attorneys are skilled in discussing, negotiating, reviewing and drafting for your business. WYR's inspired, practical, and efficient counsel can also help you and your business with: