Providing for Additional Capital

A business faces different cash flow and financing needs throughout its life. Some businesses will need financing at start-up, while others will need it later in life for continuance or expansion of operations and the realization of objectives. That financing may derive from the original owners, angel investors, banks or other third-party investors as debt or equity of the business.

WYR has drafted, reviewed and negotiated all types of company financing and re-financing agreements. The source and type of obligations for payment are the primary concerns, including buy-outs and defaults. Other concerns will include corporate governance, executive compensation, security agreements and UCC filings, and succession planning.

WYR attorneys have assisted businesses in obtaining supply financing in areas such as construction, industrial companies, real estate, auto suppliers, and professional service companies (including medicine). Its attorneys are skilled in:

  • Owner-lender financing
  • Issuance of nonpublic preferred or common shares
  • Issuance of additional membership or partnership units
  • Angel or private equity financing
  • Bank lending

These matters are important business decisions that WYR attorneys are skilled in discussing, negotiating, reviewing and drafting for your business. WYR's inspired, practical, and efficient counsel can also help you and your business with: